3 1/2oz (100g) Loose Tea

Premier, Organic, Thai Red Tea.

Sometimes known as black tea in the west but known as Red Tea in Asia, this is a fully fermented tea with a rich, deep flavour.

Distinct from the more widely consumed teas, it has an aroma and taste all of its own. Compare it with the tea from your local supermarket and you will immediately appreciate the difference.

This is the tea that caught the imagination of the early travellers to China in the 16th century, who then brought this delightful beverage to our shores.

The colour is not due to any additives, but is the unique result of many years of cross breeding between sub-species at the tea farm in Northern Thailand.

We name this tea ‘Pai’, and in Northern Thailand ‘Pai’ is a name for bamboo.

In Thai culture, the bamboo represents honesty and truth.

In our opinion, Daokrajai Pai tea represents both of these.